Bookkeepers and entry-level accountants seeking  to enhance their understanding of applied accounting methods and analysis for business management.
Also effective as a language-immersion workshop for ESL participants (English as Second Language) .

Simulation game: actions

     Purchasing raw material.
     Converting raw material to finished product.
     Selling finished product.
     Other: marketing, asset investments.
     Review of financial statments.

Team participation

Individual entrollees are assigned to teams as requested.
Number of team "companies": maximum of 4.
Participants per team: maximum of 3.

Who takes this course?

Topics introduced for discussion

-- Usage of T-Accounts for accounting records.
-- Credit line; asset-based borrowing.
-- Costs: fixed vs. variable; expensed vs. inventoried.
-- Marginal cost vs. marginal revenue.
-- Inventory per-unit cost components.
-- FIFO accounting; inventory turnover.
-- Chart of Accounts.

(4 hours)

SimGBM Session 2:

(4 hours)

-- Debt and Equity measures.
-- Usage of annual budget.
-- Variance analysis vs. budget.
-- Leverage impact of marketing costs.
-- Presentation skills.

Workshop:  "General Business / Manufacturing"   (SimGBM)

Posting her team's market share.

Tracking inventory units.

Presenting a team's financial results.

SimGBM Session 1: